Manufacture of Metal Fences and Metal Enclosures

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Our Company

Indusmetal Torres, S.L. formed as a company in 1988, for the main business of manufacturing and marketing posts for metal enclosures and shelves, simple twist-type mesh and other metal accessories. We are a family business and are still wholly owned by the Torres Montes Brothers, who also work as the company’s managers. Since the company began, we have been progressively expanding our marketing activity, and increasing our market share, by moving into new markets and improving the value and quality of our manufactured products. We have consistently increased our sales by incorporating a wide range of products, and this has allowed us access to a wider market segment.

About Us

Mission and Objectives

To be at the forefront of technology and recognised for overall product quality. To be appreciated by our customers for our solutions for metal enclosures and fencing. To improve our logistics and industrial capacity in domestic and international markets to improve our customer service.

  • To develop our products and improve our no-weld assemblies.
  • Improve our packaging.
  • Flexibility and competitiveness.


Over 20,000 m² of floor space and manufacturing using automated machinery and widely experienced and qualified staff.

Be more customer-oriented

At Indusmetal Torres we are working every day to improve our products and focus on customers’ needs.